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Dust Collection & Material Handling Systems
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Featured Product
Zipper Duct
Zipper duct is a great solution when dust/fume must be extracted from a process involving a moving machine or ‘unit’. This unit can be a: saw, welder, grinder, filling spout or anything that moves over a linear course as the dust/fume/mist is produced. The design is to allow for the carriage of the zipper duct to move with the unit and maintain constant connection with the collection system.The moving collection head of the zipper duct is on a smooth rolling trolley system called a sled. While most connections are made with flex hose, flex hose cannot be relied upon to provide enough strength to move the sled and therefore it needs to be otherwise attached to, or controlled in some fashion by the moving unit.
Zipper duct can be constructed in virtually any length. The size of the fan is the primary limiting factor. The required length is made by bolting individual sections together and capping off the final end, and attaching extraction duct to the other. These sections are essentially rectangular troughs with an open top across which is laid a heavy duty conveyor belt to seal the opening. A series of rollers inside the sled, lift the belt to expose the opening as it is pulled along. This allows the air to pull through the sled and consequentially through the flex hose and the dust/fume producing unit, completing the extraction process. Dust that is collected is pulled through the trough- pointing out the need for correct sizing of the fan to the zipper duct.
Possible Applications Include:
Gantry welder
Plasma cutting tables
CNC routing tables
Head Houses at grain mills for the tripper belt
Lathe operations that generate chips and dust
Zipper ducts are often used when the travel distance of the machine or the abrasiveness of the conveyed material exceeds the recommended use of flexible or jointed pipe. CFM can range widely from as low as 400 to 16,000.

Zipper duct systems are usually custom designed and sized for each application. Zipper duct is a great solution for many applications and KEA is happy to provide you with a quote for your particular need.

KEA provides EVERYTHING you need for the complete job! Get everything you need directly from the experts, from one place, and FAST! We promise quality fabrication and the fastest delivery possible.
The individual zipper duct only moves in one linear direction. Flex hose will allow the unit to move up and down and give other radial movement. Two lines of zipper duct in an x-y configuration can be used for greater motion.





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KEA manufacturers air filtration & purification systems for removing dust, smoke, fumes & odors, as well as buffer & grinder hoods, welding tables & booths, dust bags, and related accessories. All products are made in the U.S.A.
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