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Buffer Hoods encircle about half of buffing wheels to entrap dust particles and provide safety as well as meeting OSHA requirements. Simple installation and side access panel allows quick and easy wheel changes. Hoods mount directly to buffer on the bell end near the shaft. Hose outlet allows connection to Dust Collectors. Hoods fit diameters and thicknesses of buffing wheels as shown. Custom sizes also available.

image of buffer hoods
pdf of buffer head specifications


Buffer hoods are designed to encircle about half of the buffer wheels. The hoods provide safety as well as entrapping fine and coarse dust particles. Simple installation and easy maintenance were incorporated in the design so that the compact hoods would fit each diameter and thickness of buffer wheel. The hoods for the Baldor buffers are attached to the nose of the buffer with clamps while the non-Baldor hoods may have clamps to attach to the optional buffer or stand.

Model # 2400-2412

buffer hoods various sizes

Buffer Hood Sizes for Baldor Buffers
Baldor Buffer Model # KEA
Hood #
Physical Hood Size Wheel


111*, 114 2401 7" dia X 4" wide - 3" outlet 6" 2-1/8"

330-B, 332-B, 333-B, 334-B

2406 9" dia X 7" wide - 4" outlet 8" 3-3/8"
407-B, 409-B, 410-B, 412-B 2407 11" dia X 7-1/2" wide - 4" outlet 10" 3-5/8"
1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 2411 13" dia X 10-1/2" wide - 5" outlet 12" 5-1/8"
1453, 1454, 1456, 1457, 1458 2412 15" dia X 10-1/2" wide - 6" outlet 14" 6"
* For Baldor model 111, buffer base adapter is required to raise buffer to accommodate hood

Buffer Hood Sizes for Other Brands of Buffers
KEA Hood # Physical Hood Size Wheel


2400 9" dia X 4" wide - 3" outlet 8" Varies


11" dia X 5" wide - 4" outlet 10" Varies
2410 13" dia X 8" wide - 5" outlet 12" Varies
KEA Model # Buffer Models Description
7355 All Models Floor Stand Model
7360 All Models Table Top Model

Hoods are available in the above sizes for other brands of buffers. Must order KEA model
number #7355 floor stand or #7360 pedestal table top - to support the buffer hoods.

Please specify right or left hood as each are sold separately


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KEA Footer
KEA Fabricates a complete line of buffer hood shrouds for a safer work environment. The buffer hoods can be mounted directly to Baldor Buffers or non-Baldor Buffers. buffer hoods, baldor, bench grinder shroud, metal polishing, wheels, finishing, vacuum, power electric ">
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