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Spring Loaded Holding Arms

All KEA arms are constructed of 14 gauge steel with heavy 12 gauge steel used for the 6” square welded base. KEA arms are counterbalanced and are easily positioned by use of a heavy duty spring. A steel safety cable runs through each spring to ensure complete safety of the operator. Tension on the spring can be increased or decreased by adjusting the eye bolts provided. A wide range of fine adjustments are possible on the arm even while the work is in progress. All models have a full 360 degree swivel capacity. All moving parts of the arm are on the outside of the hose to allow for easy adjustment and maintenance of the arm.

Model # 7010-7235

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KEA manufacturers air filtration & purification systems for removing dust, smoke, as well as buffer & grinder hoods, welding tables & booths. air filtration equipment, purification cleaning dust collectors industrial dust buffer hoods grinder welding tables booths, bags, ambient mist vacuum airborne contaminants spring loaded holding arms
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