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Units capture airborne particles created by woodworking, metalworking, grinding, milling, etc. Heavier dust settles into drum; while external bag filters lighter remaining dust. Drum lid dust collector mounts on top of your 55 or 33 gallon drums.

450-1400 CFM units fit your drum.
(drum not provided)
MODEL#'s 2005-2030

image of cabinet style


KEA Cabinet Dust Collectors save time and work while lowering the cost of conditioned air. After effectively removing potentially hazardous materials, the filtered air is re-circulated at room temperature, resulting in economical operation of heating and cooling equipment. The unit utilizes the modified cyclone method of dust collection and features a drawer designed for convenient dust collection.

450-1400 CFM units available.
MODEL #'s 2105-2130

Image of cabinet dust collector with internal bags/filter

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KEA internal filtered systems are an economical and versatile method of providing source pickup of moderate volume dust production. The collectors are quiet, compact and save space by eliminating bulky outside hanging filter bags. The unit is provided with polyester filter bags and high efficiency final filters. The combination of filter bags and final filter provide for a more complete collection of dust.. The collected particulate empties into a large capacity, easy to empty collection drawer. This efficient unit can be placed indoors providing for a healthy environment for personnel and low maintenance cost for equipment and utilities. The collector has a small footprint allowing for use in most shops.

350-6500 CFM
MODEL #'s 2135 & 2140

image of grinder collector


The grinder dust collectors are designed to provide complete trouble free collection of grinding dust produced by most makes and models of pedestal grinders. The compactly designed unit takes 18” of space behind the grinder and is no wider than the grinder. Sparks from the grinding operation are deflected and baffled in the plenum before they can become a fire hazard in the filter bag.

450-700 CFM
MODEL #2205 & 2210

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KEA Cartridge Filter dust collectors are high efficiency units designed to provide source capture of dry, coarse and fine particulate produced by manuy types of shop equipment. The top motor cover is lined with sound absorbent material to provide a quieter operation.  Other options are also available.

1200-6500 CFM
MODEL #5012, 5025, 5035, 5040, 5050, 5060

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